Shure MV51 MOTIV Condenser Microphone (Silver) & Shure SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones (Clear) Bundle


Looks like the past, sounds like the future.

  • Integrated rear kickstand
  • Touch panel provides control of gain, mute, and headphone volume
  • 3.5 mm headphone output for real time monitoring
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and most Android devices
  • 5 preset audio modes (speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument, loud)
  • Dedicated iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app enables recording at 24 bit / 48 kHz, and manual adjustments to limiter, compressor, and five band EQ


Where can the MOTIV MV51 be used?

The MOTIV MV51 condenser microphone captures high fidelity audio within your home studio. It is an obvious choice for vlogging, videoconferencing and podcasting.

This mic integrates seamlessly with Mac, PC, Lightning Connector enabled iOS and major Android devices (contact our expert team for full Android compatibility info) to deliver high quality audio wherever you need it most. This condenser microphone features a built in 3.5 mm headphone output for real time audio monitoring, and can be mounted to any standard 15.9 mm thread microphone stand.


How does it maintain consistently high sound quality across different environments?

The MOTIV MV51’s large 25.4 mm capsule element accurately reproduces the sound source, while customisable audio settings allow it to excel across various environments.

The MOTIV MV51 offers five DSP preset modes – speech, singing, flat, acoustic instrument and loud. The built in touch panel also provides control for gain, mute, and headphone volume.

When used with the iOS ShurePlus MOTIV app, the MOTIV MV51 offers even greater acoustic flexibility. You can individually adjust the limiter, compressor and five band EQ to create a unique audio experience.


Which devices is the MOTIV MV51 compatible with?

The MOTIV MV51 digital microphone is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS devices with Lightning Connector, as well as most Android devices. It is plug and play, so can be used with audio software of your choice, to record in any audio format and digital quality.


SE846 Sound Isolating™ Earphones

State-of-the-art, unparalleled audio is delivered through four custom-engineered drivers – each tailored to blend precisely with the others. Customisable sound signatures for balanced, warm and bright audio is enlightened listening at its finest. Pure bliss for the refined ear, available in three striking colour options.



Four custom-engineered drivers tailored to blend precisely with each other deliver extended high-end clarity, while the groundbreaking low-pass filter design gives you the performance of a true subwoofer — all without sacrificing a solitary detail. This is unparalleled aural acuity based in decades of dedication. It’s why more musicians trust Shure and true audiophiles fall in love.



Immersive audio.

Own your audio space with Sound Isolating™ design that eliminates noise and keeps your experience pristine. It’s the right way to listen and the only way to really hear.

Get comfortable.

A complete fit kit of custom sleeves makes your earphones uniquely yours. Settle in for marathon listening sessions with audio that feels better and stays securely in place.

Select your sound.

Adjustable frequency response puts you in control. Select the perfect sound signature for every situation with a removable metal nozzle and changeable inserts.

Take it on the road.

All premium components and cables are meant to withstand professional, performance-level wear and tear. See what we’re made of.

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