Gravity LTS 01 B SET 1


With its revolutionary patented design, this laptop stand is extremely robust, lightweight and easy to transport. It is suitable for all formats from 12″ to 17″ as well as for controllers such as Launchpad, Machine or Push 2. It can be folded to a compact size in seconds. Securely locking eccentric clamps facilitate rapid tilt adjustment and locking of the non-slip rubber-coated shelf and base to provide optimal ergonomic use. The laptop stand is equipped with a table clamp and a clipboard, which are elegantly mounted on the middle rack.

  • Folding laptop stands for all formats from 12″ to 17″
  • Extremely robust, lightweight aluminium construction
  • Patented mechanism and design
  • Compact transportation size
  • Also suitable for controllers such as Launchpad, Machine or Push 2
  • Rapid set-up, with adjustable shelf and base angle
  • Non-slip rubber pads
  • With table clamp and practical clipboard



Product type: Stands and Tripods
Type: Laptop Stand
Material: Aluminum
Surface: Powder coated
Color: Black
Depth: 280 mm
Support depth: 145 mm
Width: 260 mm
Support width: 200 mm
Height: 270 mm
Max. board thickness for table mounting bracket: 55 mm with base , 60 mm without base
Maximum load: 8 kg
Weight: 1,6 kg
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